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We're breaking the cycle of systemic poverty through fitness goals, life goals, and faith goals.

Who We Are

About Chain Breakers

Chain Breaker’s Gym is a not-for-profit registered 501(c)3 that provides a safe, drug free and healthy gym environment for the public.

We are a faith based fitness group that offers free coaching and training to people of all ages, however our focus is on the youth, 12-20 years old.

Our primary mission is about being #better. Not better than anyone else, but being a better you. We’re here to lift each other up, give 100%, be positive, and encourage one another to be better in every way. 

Chain Breakers is more than a gym… It’s a place where you’ll find hope when the path of life gets difficult. It’s a place where you’ll be supported & uplifted.

It’s a place where you’ll build strength and character; where you’ll learn to live life to the fullest, both in the gym and out of the gym.

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Become A Chain Breaker

As sponsored athletes, Chain Breakers receive personalized training and mentoring, and are required to abide by certain tenets, one of which is to remain actively involved in a local church.

If you are ready to take your fitness, faith, and life to the next level by becoming a Chain Breaker, contact us to take a tour of our facility and learn what we’re all about.


Hear Their Stories

Dakota B.

“Chain Breakers has impacted my life in a massive way. I had never really found a purpose in the gym. That changed when I came to Chain Breakers on January 2nd 2019.

On the surface it may look like a powerlifting team, but to me, it’s a family; something I’ve never really had.

Robert has been a great mentor and faith accountability partner. I know some of the toughest talks we’ve ever had have happened under that roof. It’s a place to release and refill spiritually as well as physically.

I have competed in 7 powerlifting meets, won 2 national championships, 4 state championships, and 1 regional championship. I hold 40 state records and 29 national records.

I pray and hope that Chain Breakers will change someones life the way it has changed mine. If we can succeed in leading men and women to the cross, then we have fulfilled our mission of #better.”

Sarah D.

“Chain Breakers has impacted my life greatly. Prior to Chain Breakers, I had put a lot of focus on losing weight as opposed to gaining strength both physically and mentally. Now I am part of a community that focuses on empowering one another to be our strongest self.

Chain Breakers is like home to me, that’s how comfortable I am there. Our Crew comes from all walks of life. We are all shapes and sizes and there is no judgment. We are there to build one another up and to learn from each other.

Robert and the team have taught me to not put limitations on what I can achieve in this sport. I have set and continue to break my own personal records. With enough practice, good technique, and grit, I know I can do anything!”

Austin L.

“Before I got into the gym I had no purpose. I was distant from everybody and not very social, but that changed when I walked through those doors. It was like a light switch, I had a new purpose and determination. I’ve become more social and open with everyone, and it has helped me through life, even in the hard times.

It made me who I am today. It showed me to never give up on the goals that you set before you, and even when you fail, you get back up and push through it.

In competitions I have broken state records and currently hold the national curl record.

I am now successfully running my own business, Southern Kentucky Insulation, and I couldn’t have done it without the help of the gym, the fellow lifters and most importantly Robert Mckinzie and his wife Mandi. Love ya!”

Shelbi A.

“Chain Breakers Gym has become much more than a gym, it’s a family. They have helped me step out of my comfort zone and push my limits. It’s an amazing feeling to feel proud of yourself. The positive energy in the gym is unmatched and pushes you to goals you never imagined.

The gym has helped me become more confident in myself. It has not only helped me become physically stronger, but mentally as well. I’ve had a lot of obstacles presented to me along my powerlifting journey. At times I never knew if I was going to compete again, but no one gave up on me. They would always have encouraging words for me and tell me to never give up and to have faith. The things you learn and observe in the gym and at competition not only help with powerlifting, but also with life. You learn discipline, structure, leadership, and trust.

I am a 2 time state champion and have broken 3 national records and 8 state records.

Failures will happen, but its the lessons you learn from your failure that make you a winner. “

Phillipians 4:13 – “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”

Isaiah 41:10 – “fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”


Jessie C.

“Chain Breakers has motivated me to look outside of myself to serve others. The faith and execution displayed from the whole team inspires me to keep moving through tough times.

Robert McKinzie has been a close friend of mine and he always always always speaks of serving, and having faith in God.

I have been in 2 competitions where I have been sponsored by Chain Breakers. I’ve learned a lot about pushing myself, pushing others, and remaining humble. I’ve increased my bench by 30 lbs with Robert’s guidance and tips.

With the vision, mission, and inspiration Chain Breakers and Robert have, I too have been inspired to start a fitness based non profit for young people who lack father figures in their life.”

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